Anti heat blind

The anti heat blind is specifically designed to reduce the heat in the room. The anti heat blind is external, which means that the heat is diffused before it hits the pane, reducing the heat entering your room without completely removing the light.

The anti heat blind is made from a special cloth, which also helps soften the light in the room without actually blocking the view.

  • Features of an anti heat blind
  • Perfect fit to our roof windows - no adjustments required
  • Externally fixed to the top of the roof window
  • Easy to install - only 4 screws to be fixed in predrilled holes
  • Great design - the blind is barely visible
  • The cloth is designed to keep the heat out and let the soft light in
  • The cloth is UV and water resistant
  • Very easy to operate the blind from the inside
  • While using the blind, you can easily open the window and let the air in
  • The cloth is 2 cm wider than the pane - more protection with an open window
  • 2 year guarantee

Available colours: